Pisac, Taray and Rescue Center of Ccochahuasi 
This tour is designed for people who wants to explore and know more of this tradicional Pisac village, its popular market with its native weaver and the largest archaeological zone, a town rich in fertile agriculture ground and a privileged climate, with unique views of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

An attraction that very few people appreciate and knows. The taray viewpoint show us up the greatness of the sacred valley farmer, who works on every little piece of fertile land that the pachamama(mother earth) and the apus(mountains) gave them, watered by the crystal clear waters of Wilkamayu River that runs along the valley, fed by the cold and crystalline waters of the snowy mountains that are watching and protecting this beautiful valley.

We will also have the possibility of visiting the town of Lamay where the delicious typical dish of the guinea pig is sold, prepared in the traditional style with fresh products of the valley at home taste.

  • Pisac Archeological Site
  • Pisac Town and Market
  • Rescue Center(ccochahuasi)
  • Taray View Point
  • Tasting Guinea Pig

Pick up from the hotel by greatours peru staff at 7:30 am, then head to northeast of the city towards the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

First optional stop in the animal rescue center(ccochahuasi) where we can admire the most representative animals of the area, which were rescued from the black market, animals such as llama, vicuña, Peruvian bear, guinea pig, Andean puma and the condor lord of the mountains.
Second stop at the Taray viewpoint which is located about 30 minutes from the Cusco city, where we will have a magnificent view point of the sacred valley and the great mountains that surround it.

Next place to visit will be the indigenous village of Pisac and its traditional market, where you will be able to appreciate the craftsmanship that these people make, woven in alpaca, llama and sheep, the ceramic is another talent that they have and the fine jewelry for people who are looking a unique gifts with Andean designs and materials that are extracted from the area such as gold, silver, copper and precious stones.

Once enjoyed the town of Pisac we will drive to the archaeological zone, located on the upper site of the mountain, about 20 minutes from the town, an immense Inca building that easily surpasses the great majority of archaeological centers,
with a surveillance zone, urban center, cemetery, religious center, water fountains, warehouses and an big amount of cultivation terraces, for this reason it is recommended to take a different option for this marvel.

Last place to visit after had have explored the whole archaeological center of Pisac and with not the energies letf(optinal) there is a place where you can recharge your energy, with the delicious baked guinea pig in the andean style and incomparable flavor, after it drive back to cusco city.


  • Transportation round trip
  • English-spanish Tour Leader
  • Hotel pick up and drop off

Not Included:

  • Tourist Ticket for entry into archeological sites
  • Lunch or snack
  • Entry to rescue center(ccochahuasi)

What you need to bring:

  • Tourist ticket (not included in price)
  • Sun hat and sunglasses
  • Sun block cream (factor 50 spf recommended)
  • Raincoat jacket/rain poncho
  • Water & snack
  • Camera and energy bank/ memory cards

Group service

  • US $150 for 1-3 people
  • US $295 for 4-6 people

Private Service

  • US $210 for 1-3 people
  • US $330 for 4-6 people
  • US $390 for 7-9 people

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